Celebrating Your Graduate!

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As proud parents of a soon-to-be high school graduate, you’ll surely want to celebrate this once in a lifetime event. High School graduation is so much more than the ceremonial walk across a stage.


How do you want to celebrate your graduate’s milestone event?  A few immediate questions to ask yourself would be:


How large do you want the party to be?


Do you want to have it at your residence or elsewhere?


Will you be cooking if at home or catered?


Will you go to a catering hall for the party?


We have compiled a few ideas to make your planning a little less stressful.


First off, if you have another graduate as part of your close family or circle of friends, you may consider sharing the celebration.  Sometimes when you share the same guests, you can also share in the costs and labor efforts of the celebration.


If graduation is in May, you may consider the party over Memorial Day weekend.  This makes it easier for out-of-town guests to attend.


An outdoor grad party at the house is a classic comfortable way to celebrate.  


If you would like the event outside but have many guests, you may consider a park or renting another outside venue.


Catering halls are also a wonderful place to celebrate this event.  You choose your menu and theme and most of the work is done for you.


Whatever your style is to have your party, you will be sure to honor your graduate in style.  


Fern Hill GolfClub is a great destination for the perfect grad party.  We offer a variety of menu options along with off-site catering and food pick-ups! 


Contact Fern Hill today at 586-286-4700 to book your grad party or reach out to us on the contact form on our website.



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