May 22, 2018

Five Tips on Planning the Perfect Wedding Ceremony at Fern Hill Golf Club

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Celebrate your marriage at Fern Hill Golf Club. You can choose between a casual ceremony with a few close friends and family members, a large and elaborate affair, or anything in between. Take advantage of our well-manicured 18 hole golf course, banquet hall, and convenient amenities to celebrate your perfect day in your perfect way.

How to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Fun and Memorable for Everyone

Here are five things to think about when planning your wedding ceremony, reception, or shower from Fern Hill Golf Club, the go-to venue for the best golf course weddings in Michigan.

1)      Choose a beautiful but comfortable location.

Again, Fern Hill is the perfect wedding destination because it provides a setting that is both elegant and laidback. We can also cater your reception on-site with great menu and beverage options.

2)      Pick the members of your wedding party.

You can invite friends to accompany you or choose children and other family members to fill key roles. Remember that it’s your wedding, so there are no set rules when it comes to wedding party size or participants.

3)      Select an officiate.

You can choose an officiate who reflects your faith or anyone that makes sense – even a friend or family member who takes the time to pursue ordination of some type. Often, couples choose government officials or military/police personnel to do the honors.

4)      Pick someone to walk you down the aisle – Or don’t.

Traditionally, a bride’s father walks her down the aisle, but a stepfather, grandfather, or uncle can easily fill the roll. You can also choose a different family member, a friend, or take a solo walk down the aisle.

5)      Decide on a guest list. You can make your ceremony as big or small as you want. If your heart is in what you’re doing, this event will be special if you have a dozen people in attendance or a hundred – it’s all up to you and your partner.

Finally, when it comes to attire and decorations, you make your ceremony and reception as formal or laidback as you want, and Fern Hill can accommodate any style. We would love to work with you to make your day as special as possible. And, remember, we also host anniversary parties, provide the perfect shower venue, and offer excellent golf packages for corporate golf tournaments, golf charity events, and casual days on the green.

Call Fern Hill Golf Club to Book Wedding Ceremonies, Receptions, Showers, and Golf Outings

To schedule your event, just give us a call at (586) 286-4700 or reach out to us through the contact form on our website. We look forward to being the destination for your perfect day!

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