May 22, 2018
Golf Outings

Get A Round In With Dad!

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With Father’s Day right around the corner, what a great opportunity for families to recognize the importance of Dad spending quality time with his children.  Of course, there is considerable evidence available to show that the more a father or male role model is involved in his children’s life, the more successful they will be.  However, it is key to remember that the quality of time, not the quantity is truly what will yield those desired positive results.


And of course, what better quality time is there than that spent on the golf course?  If golf is your sport, bonding with your son or daughter on the course is like a small piece of heaven.  Sharing your love for the game lends for great memories and traditions to be built.


Teaching this game that you love and sharing your tips and “how tos” will build rapport and cherished moments on and off the course.  Falling in love with the game of golf also gives way for many hours spent together watching the pros on TV or discussing various winning or losing shots from the game’s greatest players.


Through the years, there will be many games played together on a wide variety of greens but most important, it can be the place where you feel the strongest connection with your dad; on the golf course.  This is a place where many have cherished memories with their dads.


Call Fern Hill Golf Club today at (586) 286-4700or click here to book a tee time with your dad and share your special bond.

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