May 22, 2018
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Spring Is Near: “Skins”& Couples Golf League

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 Are you starting to feel like spring will never arrive?  Well, your feelings are valid.  Though, spring will be here before you know it.  That’s why Fern Hill Golf Club suggests booking a golf event with us for the upcoming spring season!

 Looking for a little more structure with playing golf beyond hitting the range?  Well, we know that the game of golf offers several things: exercise, challenge and a build to your confidence.  We say that the most important component of golf is developing some social activity 

Most leagues are a weekly outing and has been a staple in developing bonds with fellow golfers.  And for some who want a little more competition, signing up for a league can make every shot a little more challenging.

Take a look at some reasons why you should join a golf league:

·     Golf leagues allow you to efficiently play more golf, meet fellow golfers and invite some fun and laughter into a game that is all about being relaxed.

·     Meeting fellow golfers in a league opens the door to new partnerships for other events, on and off the course.  People make lifelong friends with their fellow golfers!

·     Golf league teams eases you into a structure.  It can be beneficial for you and your golf strategy to associate with others.  Of course, heading to the range is a great way to practice yourself.  Adding in folks alongside you can really enhance your experience.

·     The cost is reasonable.  Weekly entry fees for Couples Golf League starts at $50/couple.

·     Remember, it’s all in good fun!  This is an experience that will bring you closer to good people.

Skins Golf League


Starting every Monday following April 13th, FernHill will be hosting a weekly Skins golf game.  With an entry fee of $30/person, a minimum of16 people – formatted in twosomes – will have a shotgun start at 6:00pm from the white tees and try to refrain from accruing as many points per hole.  For instance, if there is no lowest-scoring player (if two players tied, etc.) then the points roll over to the next hole.  If a game ends with no skins, the pot rolls into the next week.  The game includes no handicap and a round of nine holes (with a golf cart) and $10 in skins.


Enjoy a Relaxing Round with Friends


Are you not too interested in doing the Skins round?  No worries! Golf is supposed to be a relaxing experience for everyone to enjoy.  We offer a weekly couples league aside from our more competitive events here at Fern Hill. This low-pressure event gives you an alternative to your Friday evening other than your typical dinner and a movie.

Whether you’re planning a casual day on the course with friends, a corporate golf outing, or a golf tournament fundraiser, Fern Hill can accommodate your needs.  We offer golf outing packages to suit any occasion and almost every budget.  Come and see for yourself why Fern Hill has quickly become a popular destination for golf course weddings in Michigan.  Our 18-hole golf course is the perfect fun and casual setting for any golf outing in Clinton Township.

Food & Drinks Served for the Event

At Fern Hill Golf Club, we know that playing a full round on an empty stomach is exhausting.  So, we offer a plenty of options on our golf outing menus at great prices. Need something to quench your thirst?  We can provide all types of beverages both on the green and off, as well!  Are you here for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anywhere in-between?  No problem. If you’re in the mood to take a break from the game and enjoy a full menu of Italian comfort foods and refreshing drinks, Floodz Bar and Grill is sure to please.  In fact, many of our customers think that Floodz is one of the best bars in Clinton Township!

Fern Hill Golf Club: Book Your Golf Outing Event Today!

If you are looking to add golf as a social event in your week, contact Fern Hill at (586) 286-4700 or reach out to us through the contact form on our website.  We can help you find a golf league at the level you want to play.


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