May 22, 2018

Top Wedding Trends in 2020

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Congratulations!  You and your loved one are tying the knot, and Fern Hill Golf Club wants to thank you for considering our local wedding catering services to help celebrate your special occasion.  Since 1969, we have proudly served the community by hosting weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions. Yet, even though our values are based on long-standing tradition, we know how important it is to stay relevant with current trends.

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According to Vogue, one of the growing wedding trends for2020 is “individuality.”  The industry is always changing.  Thankfully, this means that spouses are less likely to follow the trends and traditions of weddings past.  All of what you think you know about weddings is actually all you need nowadays!


Here are some of the things to consider and look forward to in the 2020 wedding season:


Chic, But Simple: Designers today are becoming more present to the ideas and needs of their clients.  Today, trends are deviating away from being too “bridal” and a lot more individualistic.  For example, in wedding dresses, brides can wear exactly what makes them most comfortable.  Is that a nice, clean pantsuit; is it a big, flowy, sparkly gown; or is it something that coincides with your personality, like using colors other than traditional white? The choice is totally yours!


Additionally, it seems that even things down to the bride’s hairstyle can be cute but simple.  AsVogue explains it, “Call it the Meghan Markle effect.”  Wedding day hairstyles are looking a lot less permed and curled and a lot more everyday-friendly and worry-free.

Bridesmaids Dresses: Gone are the days of the ugly ruffles and puffy sleeves.  Bridesmaids are constantly evolving with current trends as well as personal style. Of course, traditional matching bridesmaids’ dresses are classic and still very tasteful.  However, imagine what your bridesmaids will do if they have all the creative freedom to create their own dresses?  If you still want something to match, maybe opt for the same shoe they all have to create around?


Sustainable Weddings: Another top trend for weddings this year is the environmental and ethical impact that the wedding will have. Couples are thinking of everything from paper straws to plans to donate leftover food to charity.  Another clever idea is to center your wedding day around a specific cause that you and your spouse-to-be care about.  In your guest favors, make sure to detail the cause you have chosen and the need to donate to it.


Vibe with Your Décor: In a world of Instagram and Pinterest, ideas on the web are constantly flowing and continue to influence our wedding décor decisions.  From fairy lights aligned on the table for hors d’oeuvres to mix-matching table settings and centerpieces, couples are going with wedding themes and color schemes that truly reflect who they are.


Fern Hill Golf Club – Wedding Venues – Clinton TownshipEvents

Fern Hill is the perfect venue for that special day.  Our banquet hall is surrounded by a beautiful18-hole golf course.  And this gorgeous setting provides endless photo opportunities for you and your wedding party.

We have several wedding packages available or you can always work with our professional event coordinators to customize a menu for the wedding of your dreams.  We also offer many different upgrades and add-ons to help enhance your experience here at FernHill.  From chair covers and valet service to appetizers and premium bar services, you really can have it all on your special day.  We can accommodate weddings anywhere from 50 people up to 700 people.

If you are looking to get married on the golf course, we have a variety of different options. We have an on-site gazebo for outdoor wedding ceremonies as well as anindoor chapel room for indoor wedding ceremonies.  We also feature a bridal suite, with plenty of room for you and your bridesmaids to get ready.

For more information, call us at (586) 286-4700, or reach out to us on the contact form on our website.


Source: The Wedding Trends To Know If You’re Getting MarriedIn 2020 (Vogue)

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