May 22, 2018

Weddings Big and Small

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There are many reasons couples choose the size of their wedding reception.  Sometimes it has to do with culture or tradition.  More often it has to do with cost. Whatever your reasons are, there will be pros and cons to both a big and small wedding.   

When deciding on a small wedding, the largest obstacle you most likely will face is keeping your list to a minimum.  Leaving people off the list can sometimes become a sticky situation as some potential friends or family will not understand how they did not make the cut. On the bright side, there will be more venue options, lower costs, a more intimate reception, and overall less work. 

With a smaller crowd, you will also be able to spend more personal time with your guests.  

If you decide to go big, the cost will be that as well, but you may feel this is a once in a lifetime event and want it all!  There are certain things you can do to try to save money while still maintaining a large guest count such as getting married in the off-season to choosing a Friday or Sunday wedding.  

Usually 300 or more guests is considered a large wedding. With this being said, you may have fewer venue options as some facilities cannot accommodate as many guests as you will invite.  

A larger crowd will certainly make the party livelier. There will be more people on the dance floor and partaking in your festivities.

It is also obvious that the more people you have attending will mean the more gifts you will receive (and more thank you cards to send out). We had to throw that in but should still be worth the extra work.

Make sure to choose the size reception that makes you happy because after all, it is your big day.

Fern Hill is the perfect venue for that special day. Our banquet hall is surrounded by a beautiful 18-hole golf course. And this gorgeous setting provides endless photo opportunities for you and your wedding party. 

We have several wedding packages available or you can always work with our professional event coordinators to customize a menu for the wedding of your dreams. We also offer many different upgrades and add-ons to help enhance your experience here at Fern Hill. From chair covers and valet service to appetizers and premium bar services, your really can have it all on your special day. We can accommodate weddings from 50people up to 700 people. 

If you are looking to get married on the golf course, we have a variety of different options. We have an on-site gazebo for outdoor ceremonies as well as an indoor chapel room for indoor ceremonies. We also feature a bridal suite, with plenty of room for you and your bridesmaids to get ready. 

For more information call us at 586-286-4700 or reach out to us on the contact form on our website.




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